The Energy Strain blog is maintained by Zach Hudson and fellow blogger Dan Swanson. With 8 combined years of knowledge and research into the energy situation we hope to use our knowledge to help with the transition to renewable energy that is now underway.The Energy Strain blog was created with the intent to help inform and educate people about a world that will have less abundant and more expensive energy. In order to inform and educate Energy Strain will contain posts about energy advancements, information resources and in-depth analysis of current energy dilemmas. I hope that you enjoy Energy Strain, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Zach Hudson

Photo of Zach Hudson

I am in my mid-twenties and currently attending college full time.  I am majoring in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics.  My passion for energy made choosing my career path much easier. I have the opportunity to not only study more about energy in college but to work in a field dealing with energy.

My passion and interest for all things energy started about four years ago. My co-worker at the time and now good friend, Dan Swanson, introduced me to the concept of energy usage and peak oil concepts. Since then, I have spent countless hours researching everything energy: from reading books to researching on the Internet.

Dan Swanson

Dan Swanson

I’m in my 40s and am a Software Engineer and Aircraft Inspector from the Lansing Michigan area. I have been intrigued with energy, entropy and heat engines my entire life. I am currently the president of John Lynn, Inc., an electronic controls company for 3rd generation biofuels.

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